^'^'■^^-mw ^- ^ 1^, *^. ^;-^ ..•-*•;. '?^.^*.,



%^ l;1iJ' it^** n^S'm^' -^'

%V Xil^'

^■" i^;. it' «^r U%^ -V^ -

^ Sm %: -%■■* m. fm: m 4^.' 4*. w ^

\n.' %■ 4^'"' %' 4%" 4% fe «i*- ^' ^«» ■^-' , «P^ i^" H^-' p" t^' #■ #■ «#.' ^^l^-.'f %\i' 1^^ ft ft^ %; S«/ Ift^.' t% ^1^' ^i;..^-

../■%v ^; -•"-■■• -^^- •^- *^- ^^- ,.^^ ?^ f#^ 1



















Edward Newman, Esq., F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c President.

W. W. Saunders, Esq., F.L.S., &c ■\

W. Spence, Esq., F.R.S., &c ^ Vice- Presidents.

J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S., &c *

Samuel Stevens, Esq., F.L.S Treasurer.

J. W. Douglas, Esq 1„

W. VV:.o. Esq.. F.L.S \ Secretar^es.

J. Curtis, Esq., F.L.S ^

Edwin Shepherd, Esq I ,, ,

. t:, c -n ! Olher Members

A. F. Sheppard, Esq j. of the Council.

S. Waring, Esq


S. J. Wilkinson, Esq

E. W. Janson, Esq. . , Curator.

Library and Cabinet Committee. Messrs. Douglas, Janson, A. F. Sheppard, Edwin Shepherd, and Wilkinson.





OF LONDON, 1834—1849.

Vol. I. twenty-four plates, 25s. 6d. to members 12s. 9d. Vol. II. twenty-two plates, 23s. 6d. to members lis. 9d. Vol. III. sixteen plates, 2I.s. 6d.— to members 10s. 96^. Vol. IV. twenty-three plates, 22s. 6^.— to members lis. 3d. Vol. V. twenty-three plates, 25s. 6f/.— to members 19s. 4d.

By a Resolution of the Council, Members may obtain the Transactions at the above reduced price, if taken in entire volumes; the price of the separate Parts remains as before.


Part 1, 1850, two plates, 2s. Gd. to members 2s. Od. Part 2, 1850, one plate, 3s. Od.—to members 2s. Od. Part 3, 1850, three plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. Od. Part 4, 1851, four plates, 5s. Od. to members 3s. 6c?. Part 5, 1851, four plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. 06?. Part 6, 1851, two plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. Od. Part 7, 1851, one plate, 2s. 6d. to members Is. 6d. Part 8, 1852, two plates, 5s. Oc?.— to members 3s. Oc?.


Part 1, 1852, four plates, 3s. Oc?.— to members 2s. 3d. Part 2, 1852, three plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. 36?. Part 3, 1852, three plates, 3s. Od.—to members 2s. 3c?. Part 4, 1853, thiee plates, 5s. Od. to members 3s. 6d. Part 5, 1853, two plates, 4s. Od.—to members 3s. Od. Part 6, 1853, two plates, 3s. 06?.— to members 2s. 3fl?. Part 7, 1854, four plates, 3s. 6c?.— to members 2s. 66?. Part 8, 1854, two plates, 4s. Oc^.— to members 3s. Oc?.

The Journal of Proceedings of the Society is bound up with the Parts of the Transactions ; it may also be obtained separately by members gratis, and by the public, price Is. per sheet.

Foreign Members and English Members and Subscribers resident more than fifteen miles from London, who have paid their Annual Subscription, are entitled to receive the Transactions without further payment.



Officers of the Society iii

Price of the Transactions iv

Explanation of the Plates viii

Additions to the Library from 1st January, 1852, to 31st December,

1853 xi

Additions to the Collections from 1st January, 1852, to 31st December,

1853 XV

List of Members, January 2nd, 1854 xvii

Journal of Proceedings from February, 1852, to January, 1854 ... i Index clvii


L Description of DouUedaya Viator, an apparently undescribed Sub-genus and Species of Coleoptera belonging to the Family

Languriada. By Adam White, Esq., F.L.S 1

IL Note on the Pei/cM/«s Me//«^ of KiRBY. By F. Smith, Esq. . 4

in. Descriptions of some new Species of Hemipterous Insects belong- ing to the Tribe Sculata. By W. S. Dallas, Esq. F.L.S. . 6

IV. Description of a new Species of the Genus Dinidur, belonging to

the Hemiptera Scutata. By W. S. Dallas, Esq., F.L.S. . 18

V. Apparatus for destroying Mould on Insects by the Vapour of Spirits of Wine. Invented by M. Victor Ghiliani, Employe au Museum Royal de Turin. Communicated by John Curtis, Esq. F.L.S 19

VI. Descriptions of Five new Species of Butterflies, of the Family Fa-

pilionida. By W. C. Hewitson, Esq 22



VII. Descriptions of undescribed Coleoptera, brought from China by R. Fortune, Esq. By W. Wilson Saunders, Esq.,

F.L.S. &c 25

VIII. Descriptions of some new and apparently undescribed Hyme- nopterous Insects, from North China, collected by R. For- tune, Esq. By F. Smith, Esq 33

IX. Descriptions of some Hymenopterous Insects from Northern

India. By F. Smith, Esq 45

X. On the Habits of the Species of the Coleopterous Genus Mega- cephulu, inhabiting the Amazonian Region of South America. By H. W. Bates, Esq. ; with a Synopsis of the Species,

by J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S 49

XI. On the Lamellicorn Beetles, which possess exserted Mandibles and Labrum, and 10-jointed Antennae; being a Supplement to a Memoir published in the Fourth Volume of the Trans- actions of the Entomological Society. By J. O. West- wood, Esq., F.L.S 59

XII. Contributions to the Natural History of British Microlepido-

ptera. By J. W, Douglas, Esq 75

XIII. Notes on the Development of Osntia parietina and other British

Insects. By F. Smith, Esq. 81

XIV. Descriptions of some new Species of the Coleopterous Family

Paussida, with a Synopsis of the Family. By J. O. West- wood, Esq., F.L.S 84

XV. On the Identification of the yet undetermined Species of Mi- crolepidoptera mentioned in the " Memoires" of Reaumur. By J, W. Douglas, Esq 97

XVI. Descriptions of some Longicorn Beetles, discovered in Northern China by R. Fortune, Esq. By W. Wilson Saunders,

Esq., F.L.S 109

XVII. Notes on the Habits of Various Insects. By Mr. William

Varney 113

XVIII. Contributions to the Natural History of British Microltpido-

ptera {conlinued). By J. W. Douglas, Esq 116

XIX. Notices of some new Species of Strepsipterous Insects, from Albania; with further Observations on the Habits, Ti-ans- formations and Sexual Economy of these Parasites . . .125 XX. On the Duration of Life in the Queen, Drone and Worker of the Honey Bee ; to which are added. Observations on the Practical Importance of this Knowledge in deciding whe- ther to preserve Stocks or Swarms ; being the Prize Essay of the Entomological Society for 1852. By J. G. Des- borough. Esq 145

XXI. Descriptions of new Genera and Species of Curculionides. By

G. R. Waterhouse, Esq., F.Z.S 172



XXII. Contributions to the Natural History of British Microlepi-

doptera. By J. W. Douglas, Esq , 207

XXIII. Monograph of the Genus Cryptocerus, belonging to the

Group Cri/ptucerida Family Mi/iinicida: Division Hj/- menoptera Helerogj/na, By F. Smith, Esq 213

XXIV. A Revision of the Synonymy of the British Species of the

Coleopterous Genera Hi/drochus and Ochthebius. By G. R.

Waterhouse, Esq., F.Z.S 229

XXV. Descriptions of some new Species of Coleoptera, from China

and Ceylon. By J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S. . . .232 XXVI. On the Insects used for Food by the Indians of the Amazon.

By A. R. Wallace, Esq 241

XXVII. Descriptions of some new Species of Butterflies from South

America. By W. C. Hewitson, Esq 245

XXVIII. Notes on the Habits of a Bee-parasite, Melittobia Acasta.

By Frederick Smith, Esq 248

XXIX. On the Habits of the Butterflies of the Amazon Valley. By

A. R, Wallace, Esq 253

( viii )


Plath. Fig. page

I. ] . Opiomus elongatus, Dallas 6

2. Sciocoris australis, Dall 7

3. JEdnus ventralis, Dall 10

4&:4a. Di?((V/o>- /j;(eatHS, Dall., and details 11

5. Tropicoris latus, Dall 12

6 & 6a. Amphaces virescens, Dall., and details 14

7 & 7 6. Diuidor gibbtis, Dall., and details 18

II. Apparatus for destroying Mould on Insects 19

2 to 2 c* 9 ( Cosmiomorplm modesta, Saunders, and details 29

3 & 3 a. Rhomboihiiia nigra, Saund 29

4 & 4 «. Ftirtunei, Saund 30

5. Tcsniodera ornata, Saund 31

6. Protcetia intricata, Saund 31

7. Purphyronota Sinensis, Saund 32

IV. }. Glenea Forttinei, Saund 112

2. Colobus sericeus, Saund Ill

4 to 4 6 9* ( ^''^'"^ ""^""S/'iCHus, Saund., and details 110

5. Eurypoda anlennata, Saund 110

6. Cerosterna hispida, Saund 112

7. Callichroma Faldermannii, Saund Ill

V. 1. Papilio Saknntala, Hewiison 24

2. ,, Orellana, Hew 23

VI. 1. Chabrias.Hew 23

2. ,, Pausanias, Hew 22

3. TelearchiLS, Hew 22

VII. 1 . Megacephala curta, Perly 54

2. Larva of M. curta ? 2 a, head profile 54

3. Megacephala Martii, Perty 54

4. Larva of M. Martii ? 54

5. Megacephala Spixii, Brulle 54

6. Larva of JVf. ? 6 a, dorsal segment, showing the

hooks ; 6 b, profile of do 55

7. Megacephala quadricollis, Laferte ? 55

8. aspernla, Weaiw 53


Plate. Fig. page

VIII. 1 . Vespa Mandarina, Smith 38

2. Cryptus purpuratus, Smith 33

3. Bombus atripes, Smith 44

4. tn/asciatus, Smith ,•.. 43

5. eximtus. Smith 47

6. ,, ferriigineus. Smith 47

7. tunicatus. Smith 43

8. Vespa auraria, Smith 46

9. Fhon regalis. Smith 34

10. Rhyiuhium ornatiim, Smith 36

IX. 1 to 1 e. Oc/i<;dcEi(s /((tesce»is, Westw., and details 64

2 to 2 e. pjcfus, U'estvv., and details 65

3. Americamts, Westw. (mandibles and clypeus) 67

4. luridus, Weslw. ( Ditto ) 67

5 to 5 d. ,, ri/o-atus, Westw. and details 67

6 to 6 i. Liparochrus geminatus, Westw., and details 69

7 to 7 6. s«///)«i7is, Westw., and details 70

8 to 8 i, Glareih Frivaldszkyi, Westw., and details 72

9 to 9 c. Triodontus Owas, Reiche, and details 74

X. 1 to 1 c. Imago and transformations of Ge/ec/ua fo«(?g»a 76

2 to 2 c. Imago and transformations of Gelechia blandella 77

3 to 3 c. Imago and transformations of Gelechia fraiernella .... 77 XI. 1 to 1 c. Imago and transformations of Coieo/j/jwa a /biVarseZ/a .. 79

2 to 2 c. Imago and transformations of Coleophora Alcyonipennella 80

3 to 3 c. Imago and transformations of Coleophora solitariella. ... 80 XII. 1 to 1 d. Rhipicera lessellata, Saund., and details 236

2 to 2/. Calliiliipis Championii, Westw., and details 235

3 to 3 g-. Lichasfunebris, Westw., and details 238

4. Callii-hipis Templetonii, Westw 234

5 to 5 e. Eugeitsis palpator, Westw., and details 239

6 to 6 e. Clytellus methocoides, and details 240

XIII. 1 to 1 b. Imago and transformations of Lithocolletis trifasriella .. 120

2 to 2 ft. Imago and transformations of Lhhocnlletis Scubiosella . . 121

3 to 3 rf. Imago and transformations of Lithocolletis Emberizapeii-

nella 122

XIV. 1 to 1 ft. Imago and transformations of Gracilaiia Franckella ,. 123

2 to 2 c. Imago and transformations of Gracilaiia stigmaiella . . 124

3 to 3 (/. Imago and transformations of Gracilaria auroguttella .. 124 XV. 1—8. Details of pseudo-nymph of Xenos Rossii $ 144

9 15. Oplnpus Rnbicola, with Xeiios Kliigii $ enclosed in its

pupa skin, &c 1 44

15 24. Aiicistrocerus dejieiidus, v/\lh Xenns Heydenii, Sic 144

XVI. 1. Xenos Rossii, escaping from abdomen of Po/istes G«Z/Jca 144 2 17. Hylecthrus Rubi, escaping from abdomen of Hylicus

Rubicota, &c 144

1 8. Pupa of Hylecthrus QuercAs $ 144

19. Prosnpis variegata, with cephalothorax of Hylecthrus

Sieboldii exposed 144


Plate. XVII.







tlG, J'AGE

1 \ e. Imago and transformations of BedeZ/ta somnw/oiie/ia .. 208

2. Polyommatus Alexis, vdiT Proceed, cxiv.

1 1 c. Imagoandtransformationsof E/ac/i(S{asufe«igre/ia, Doug. 210 2^2 c. Imago and transformations of Elacliistu Megerlella .... 211 3 3 c. Imago and transformations of Elachhta Cygnipennella . . 211

1. Cryptocerus atralus $ ; 1 <x, labium of do.; ] b, maxilla

of do.; 1 c, labrum of do.; 1 d, mandible of do.;

1 e, labium of do. (neuter) ; 1/, maxilla of do. (neuter) 228

2. Cryptocerus atratus (neuter) 228

3. elegans ; 3 a, antenna of do 228

4. Araneolns 228

5. U'Orbignyamis 228

6. Cataulacus parallelits ; 6a, front view of the head of do. 228

7. Cryptocerus argentatus ; la, antenna of do 228

8. ,, quadrimaculatus 228

9. ,, laiimaculatvs 228

1. Cryptocerus dubitatus 228

2. discocephalas 228

3. femnralis 228

4. ,, pubescens ; 4 a, antenna of do 228

5. Cataulacus Guiiieensis ; 5a, underside of the head, show-

ing the grooves for the reception of the antenna; .... 228

6. Meranoplus bicolor ; 6a, antenna of do 228

8. ,, 7)ct(o/a«!/s; 7 a, antenna of do 228

8. Cryptocerus pusillus ; 8 a, antenna of do 228

8. JEthinps 228

9. Cataulacus TaprobancB 228

1 . Cryptocerus clypeatus, $ 228

2. ^ 228

3. cordatus '228

4. ,, membranaceus 228

5. Head of C. clypeatus (neuter) 228

6. Thorax of do 228

7. Daceton armigerum, $ 228

8. 9 228

9. Orectognathus antennatus (neuter) ; 9 «, mandible of do. ;

9 b, antenna of do. ; 9 c, metalhorax of do 228

1. Erycina Sauudersii, Hewitson 245

2. Acrea Amide, Hew 245

3. Papilio Conon, Hew 246

1. Hatera Hortona, Hew 246

2. ,, Hypasia,Hew 247

3. Dircenna Duillia, Hew 247


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( XV )


FROM THE 1st JANUARY, 1852, TO THE 31st DECEMBER, 1853.

ANOPLURA. Rev, L. Jenyns ... .A collection of British species.

ARACHNIDS. Mr. R. H. Meade . .A collection of sixty British species.


Mr. Ed. Bowring. . . . Apate Bambusce.

Mr. Douglas Do. do.

Mr. Foxcroft Boletophagus cretiatus, two specimens.

Mr, Gwynn British, various.

Mr. T. J, Stevens . . .Larva, with a Sphteria attached. Mr. A. R, Hogan . . . Diglossa mersa, two specimens.

Rev. H. Clark Haltica pubescem, eight specimens,

Mr. D. W, Mitchell . . Lucanus Cervus, a specimen from the Pyrenees,

Mr, Pratt Oryctes Mai-tabani, a specimen.

Miss Hornby Zophorus Meiicanus, a specimen.

CRUSTACEA. Miss Hornby Phyllosoma clavicorne, a specimen.

DIPTERA, Mr Spence Glossina morsita7is.

HYMENOPTERA. Mr. J. Lubbock .... Sirex duplex, specimens. Mr. F, Smith Vespa Britannica, Illustrations of natural history of.


Mr. A. F. Sheppard . . British, various.

Mr. Douglas Do. do.

Mr. Bond Do. do.

Mr. Bedell Do. do.

Mr. T. Boyd Do. do.


LEPIDOPTERA— continued. Mr. Edwin Shepherd .British, various. Mr. P. H. Vaughan.. Do. do. Major Sheppard .... Do. do.

Mr. Bond Do. Aglossa cuprealis, six specimens.

Rev. Jos. Greene. . . Do. Boarmia Abietaria, <Sfc. 8^c. Mr. J.B.Hodgkinson. Coremja erutaria, &^r.

Mr. Shield Hydrelia Blomeri.

Mr. N. Greening. . . . Hydriecia Petasitis.

Mr. Foxcroft Lcclia ccenosa, two pairs.

Mr. T. J. Stevens. . . . Morpho Cy Uteris, a specimen.

Mr. R. S. Eldeston . . Plusia bractea.

Rev. J. Johnson .... Plutelta Dalelta, six specimens.

Mr. J.Scott Sciai)hila, new species.

M. Becker Various, European.

Mr. J. Stevens Vaiious, from Bogota.

STREPSIPTERA. Mr. S. S. Saunders ..Illustrations of the natural history of some Albanian species.

MISCELLANEOUS INSECTS. Professor Thompson .A collection of Chinese. Mr. J. C. Bowring . . A box of Chinese. Viscount Goderich ..A box of Brazilian.

Rlr. Thwailes A collection of Cingalese.

Signor Passerini ... .A collection from Florence.

Mr. Weaver Various, British.

Mr. J. Scott Do. do.

ILiBf of iUcmters



J A N U A R Y 2, 1854.

VOr,. II. N. S. TART VIU. APRIL, 1854.





William Spence, Esq., F.R.S. F.L.S. 18, Lower Seymour Street, Portman Square.

i^onorarj) Jfortiqn fWcmtiers.

Edwards, M. Milne. Le Musee d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

Gravenhorst, Prof. J. L. C. Breslau, Silesia.

Haan, Herr W. de. Haarlem.

Hammersclimidt, Herr L.

Klug, Dr. Frederick. Royal Museum, Berlin.

Kollar, Herr. Royal Museum, Vienna.

Lefebvre, M. Alexandre. Bouchevilliers, pres Gisors, D6partemenl de I'Eure.

Passerini, Signor Carlo. Professor of Zoology, at the Royal Museum, Florence.

Zeller, Professor P. C. Gross-Glogau, Silesia.

Zetterstedt, Professor J. W., Ph. D. &c. University of Lund.

( xix )


Marked * are Original Members.

Marked t have compounded for their Annual Subscriptions.

Marked S. ure Subscribers.

Date of Election.

1849 S. Allis, T. H., Esq. York.

* t Bablngton, C. C, Esq., ftl.A. F.L.S. F.G.S. St. Jolm's College,


1850 S. Baly, J. S., Esq. 13, Southampton Terrace, Kentish Town. 1849 S. Barlow, F., Esq. Cambridge.

1853 S. Bates, F., Esq. Leicester.

1851 Beaumont, Alfred, Esq. Huddersfield.

1849 S. Bedell, G., Esq. 10, Glosier Terrace, Old Kent Road.

* Bell, Thomas, Esq., Pres. L.S. F.G.S. 17, New Broad Stieet, and

Selborne, Hants.

1849 S. Bell, William, IVJ.D. 19, Sackville Street.

* Bevan, Edward, M D. Hereford. 1849 S.t Bladon, J., Esq. Pont-y-pool. 1841 Bond, F. Esq. Kingsbury.

* Bowerbank, J. S., Esq., F.R.S. F.G.S. F.L.S. 3, Highbury Grove.

1852 Boyd, Thomas, Esq. 17, Clapton Square.

1849 S. Brown, Edwin, Esq. Burlon-on-Trent.

1837 Burlington, William, Earl of, M.A. F.R.S. F.G.S. 10, Belgrave


1853 Buxton, E. C, Esq. Spikelands, Liverpool.

1838 Charlesworth, E., Esq. York.

1848 Christie, Arthur, Esq. 9, Stanhope Street, Hyde Park.

1850 Clark, Rev. Hamlet. Northampton.

1849 S. Cooke, Henry, Esq. London and County Bank, Hastings. 1853 Cox, Capt., Charles James. 21 , Langham Place.

1851 Curtis, John, Esq., F.L.S., &c. 18, Belitha Villas, Barnsbury Park,


1849 Dallas, W. S., Esq , F.L.S. 23, Crane Grove, Holloway Road.

* t Darwin, Charles, Esq., INI. A. F.R.S. Down, near Bromley, Kent.

1850 S. Dashwood, John, Esq., B.A. Barton-under-Needwood, near Lich-

field. 1849 S. Dawson, John, Esq. Carron, near Falkirk, Stirliogshire.

1852 Dawson, Rev. J. F., L.l-.B. The Woodlands, near Bedford.



Date of Election.

* t Desvignes, Thomas, Esq. Fir Tree Cottage, Woodford. 1851 Dossetor, T., Esq. 12, Poultry.

* Doubleday, Henry, Esq. Epping.

1845 Douglas, J. W., Esq., Secretary. 6, Kingswood Place, Lee, Kent. 1849 Dunning, J. VV., Esq. Elmwood Lodge, Leeds.

1851 S. Dutton, James, Esq., M.D. Hammersmith.

* Engleheart, N., Esq. Blackheath Park.

1853 Evans, Henry, Esq. Darley Abbey, near Derby.

1838 Evans, VV. F., Esq. Admiralty,

1847 Fortnum, C. D. E., Esq. 12, Grosvenor Street West.

1853 Garland, John, Esq. Dorchester.

1849 S. Gear, Robert, Esq. 19, Oxford Square.

1853 Goderich, Viscount, M.P. F.L.S., &c. Carlton Gardens.

* Gould, J., Esq., F.R.S. F.L.S. F.Z.S. 20, Broad Street, Golden

Square. 1835 t Grant, Dr. Richmond, Surrey.

1848 Grant, Fred., Esq. Putney. Gray, John, Esq. Wheatfield House, near Bolton-le-Moors. Gray, J. E., Esq., Ph.D. F.R.S. British Museum. Greene, Rev. Joseph. Dublin.

Groves, W. Esq. 12, Morden Place, Lewishara Road. Grut, F., Esq. 10, Weslbourne Terrace Road, Bayswater. Guyon, G., Esq. Ventnor, Isle of Wight, and Richmond, Surrey.

1852 Hamilton, Captain T. India.

* Hanson, Samuel, Esq. Botolph Lane.

1852 S. Haselden, Henry. 25, Whiteheads Grove, Chelsea.

* Heales, G. S., Esq. Doctors' Commons. 1847 Hearsey, Lieut.-Col. John Bennett. India.

1846 Hewitson, W. C, Esq. Oatlamls, near Esher, Surrey.

* Horsfield, Thomas, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. M.R.A.S. East

India House, and 21, Downshire Hill, Harapstead.

1853 S. Hudson, Mr. F. T. Stockwell Street, Greenwich. 1851 Hunter, John, Esq. 24, Bloomsbury Street.

1849 S. Ingall, Thomas, Esq. 16, Park Road, Stockwell Park.

1843 Janson, E. W., Esq., Curator. 61, Gracechurch Street.

1853 Jekel, M. Henri. Paris.

* Jenyns, Rev. L., M.A, F.L.S. F.G.S. Upper Swainswick, near

Bath. 1849 S. Jobson, Henry, Esq. Carron, near Falkirk, Stirlingshire.

1842 Kuper, Rev. C. frellich, Monmouth.











Date of Election.

1849 S. Labrey, R. B., Esq. Manchester.

1839 t Lamb, , Esq. Beauport, Hastings.

1853 S. Langcake, T. H,, Esq. Beeston, near Leeds.

1849 t Lee, John, LL.D. F.R.S. F.S.A. F.R.A.S. Hartwell House, Ay les-

bury. 1835 t Lingwood, R. M., Esq., M.A. F.L.S. F.G.S. Lyston, near Ross,

Herefordshire. 1851 Loilder, Captain H., 47lh Infantry. Malta.

1849 Logan, R. F., Esq. Hawthornbrae, Duddingstone, near Edinburgh.

1850 S. Lowe, Dr. Balgreen, Slateford, near Edinburgh.

1850 t Lubbock, John, Esq. High Elms, Farnborough.

1851 t M«Intosh, J., Esq. 5, Middle Street, Taunton. 1850 S. Meade, R. W., Esq. Bradford, Yorkshire.

1850 Murray, Alexander, Esq. Shenley, Herts.

1853 S. Mooi-e, F. Esq. 4, Molesworth Place, Kentish Town.

1849 t Newman, Edward, Esq., F.L.S. F.Z.S. M. Imp. L.C.Acad., President. 7, York Grove, Peckham.

1851 Newman, H. W., Esq. New House, Stroud, Gloucestershii-e.

1841 t Owen, Richard, Esq., M.D. LL.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. Royal College of Surgeons.

1840 t Parry, F. J. S., Esq., F.L.S. Steyne, Worthing.

1852 Pickersgill, J. C, Esq. 36, Gordon Square.

1851 S. Preston, T. A., Esq. Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

1852 S. Quin, C. W., Esq. 25, Clarence Street, Islington.

Salt, G. M., Esq. Shrewsbury,

Saunders, S. S., Esq. Albania.

Saunders, W. F,, Esq. East Hill, Wandsworth.

Saunders, W. W., Esq., F.L.S. East Hill, Wandsworth.

Saussure, M. H. F. de. Geneva.

Schofield, R. G. Glenmohr Villa, Greenwich.

Scott, John, Esq. Ferry Road, Renfrew.

Shepherd, Edwin. Esq. 176, Fleet Street.

Shepherd, James, Esq. Brown Street, Blackburn.

Sheppard, Augustus F., Esq. Bellefield House, Parson's Green,

Fulham. Sheppard, Major E., F.L.S. Ditto.

Sheppard, Edward, Esq. 5, Ladbroke Place, Netting Hill. Shield, Mr. R. 6, Fleet Street, Dublin. Signoret, M. Victor. Pai'is.

Simkiss, Rev. J. M. St. Mary's, Oscott, Birmingham. Smith, Frederick, Esq. British Museum.
























Date of Election.

t Spence, W. B., Esq.

1836 Spinola, le Marquis Maximilian. Genoa.

1848 t Stainton, H. T,, Esq. Mountsfield, Lewishara. 1851 Sleuart, H. J., Esq. 76, Jermyn Street.

1837 Stevens, S., Esq., F.L.S., Treasurer. 24, Bloomsbury Street.

1841 Tatum, T., Esq, 3, George Street, Hanover Square.

1836 t Taylor, R., Esq., F.L.S. F.S.A. F.G.S. M.R.A.S. Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.

1853 S. Tebbs, H. V., Esq. Southwood Hall, Highgate.

1854 S. Thompson, Miss. Barn Hill, Stamford. 1850 S. Thompson, Thomas, Esq. Hull.

1853 Thomson, William, Esq., F.L.S. 1 1 , Dartmouth Villas, Forest Hill,


1845 Thurnell, Charles, Esq. Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

1838 Thwaites, G. R. H., Esq. Ceylon. 1853 S. Tompkins, H., Esq. Worthing.

1850 Tweedy, J, Newman, Esq. 47, Montague Square.

1849 Vaughan, P. H., Esq. Redland, near Bristol.

1849 S. Vines, Mrs. Lyndhurst.

1850 S. Walker, John, Esq. Chesterfield.

1850 Walker, Francis, Esq., F.L.S. Arno's Grove, Southgate.

* t Walton, John, Esq., F.L.S. Byard's Lodge, Knaresborough. 1850 S. Ward, S. Nevill, Esq. Hon. E. I. C. Civil Service, Madras.

1850 Waring, S., Esq. Norwood.

'* Waterhouse, G. 11., Esq., F.Z.S. British Museum.

1845 Weir, J. J., Esq. 20, Maismore Square, New Peckham.

Westwood, J. O., Esq., F.L.S., &c. St. Peter's, Hammersmith.

1839 White, Adam, Esq., F.L.S. British Museum. 1849 Wild, W^ J., Esq. Heme Hill, Camberwell.

1849 Wilkinson, S. J., Esq. 7, Jeffiey's Square, St. Mary Axe.

1847 Wing, Wm., Esq., F.L.S., Secretary. 17, Priory Road, South Lam- beth.

1853 Winter, John N., Esq. Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

1843 WoUaston, T. V., Esq., B.A. F.L.S. 25, Thurloe Scjuare, Brompton.

* t Yarrell, W., Esq., F.L.S. F.Z.S., &c. Ryder Street, St. James's.

1851 Zuchold, Ernst A. Halle, Prussia.


INSTITUTED NOV. 5th, 1838.


1842 Boys, Capt. India.

1844 Buonaparte, Prince Lucien.

1844 Barnston, George, Esq. Hudson's Bay.

1846 Blagrove, Lieut. Thomas. 26th Bengal Infantry.

1846 Bowman, John, Esq. Bombay.

1846 Brain, T. H., Esq., Principal of Sydney College, New South Wales.

1847 Bowring, J. C, Esq. Hong Kong.

1847 Bowring, L. B., Esq. Bancoorah, near Burdwar, Bengal.

1849 Blair, Daniel, Esq. Surgeon General, British Guiana.

1850 Bach, Herr M. Boppard-on-the-Rhine.

1839 Cantor, Dr.

1844 Costa, Signer Achille. Naples.

1844 Chiaga, Signer Stephano Delia. Naples.

1852 Cox, F., Esq. Van Diemen's Land.

1839 Downes, Mr. Ezra.

1850 Dalton, H. G., Esq. George Town, Demerara.

1846 Elliott, Walter, Esq. Madras.

1841 Eraser, Louis, Esq. H.M. Vice-Consul, Whidah.

1839 Griffith, W., Esq.

1847 Gilbert, G. A., Esq.

1847 Gray, W., Esq. St. Petersburg. 1849 Coding, F., Esq., M.D. Barbadoes.

1844 Harris, Dr. Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

1846 Layard, F. P., Esq. Bengal Infantry.

1846 Layard, E. L., Esq.

1846 Leconte, Major. New York.

1848 Low, Hugh, Esq. Labuan.

1839 M'Lelland, J., Esq. Calcutta.

1840 Mitchell, Sir Livingstone.


1846 Pope, John, Esq. Hong Kong.

1846 Peters, Francis, Esq. Zanzibar.

1839 Schomburgh, Sir R.

1839 Sayers, Lieut.

1842 Stevenson, .

1846 Smith. Dr. G. Madras. 1852 Stevens, T. J., Esq. Bogota.

1849 Thomas, Grant, Esq. Barbadoes.

1841 Wiegand, Sir F.

1845 Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner.

1847 Wilson, C. A., Esq. Adelaide, South Australia. 1849 Wallcott, R. B., Esq., M.D. Barbadoes.

1841 Younger, Lieut. John Robertson.




I. Description of Doubledaya Viator, an apparently unde- scribed Suh-genus and Species of Coleoptera belonging to the Family Languriadse. By Adam White, Esq., F.L.S.

[Read May 6th, 1850]

The family Langur'iadce contains a not very numerous set of in- sects, which, among the Trimera, in some way represent the Ela- teridce among the serricorn Pentamera. Their form is elongated, the elytra in most of the species are of a metallic blue or green, and die thorax in several is red, or red with a black mark or line. In the genus Languria the antennae are not quite the length of the head and thorax put together, and they terminate in a flat- tened expansion, consisting of five joints. In the genus Fatua of Dejean, the joints of the antennas are much lengthened; and the club or mass at the end, excepting its three terminal joints, which are small, is not much wider than the other joints. The legs too are much longer, the fore ones being not much shorter than the whole length of the insect, and the two other pairs are at least as long as the abdomen.* In both the tarsi, though well de- veloped, are not particularly remarkable for size. The genus Triiicus of Thunberg (Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens nya Hand- lingar, xxv. ISOJ', p. 184), is synonymous with Languria, or nearly so. Its generic character is having perfoliate antennae, with a4-jointed club; three of the joints are lunate, and the last is globose; the thorax is quadrate and the angles are acute. The body

* In the genus Macromera, Hope (Trans. Zool. Society), the legs and antennae are very long.

VOL. II. N. S. PARTI. JUNE, 1852. B

2 Mr. Adam White's Description

is linear-oblong, and the joints of the tarsi are three in number— the species is T. clavicornis the thorax is of a shining blue, and the elytra are green ; the thorax and abdomen beneath are blueish, washed with red. The genus Ldnguria was established by La- treille in 1802, in the Hist. Nat. des Insectes, the type being L. bicolor, a North American species first described by Fabricius as a Trogoska. The following brief description may serve to make known the chief external characters of the sub-genus


Head decumbent, in front at the base of the jaws expanded and wider than the thorax (fig. 3). Antennae moderate, with a longish club of four rather than five joints. Eyes small, prominent, but not projecting. Thorax as wide as long, margined on the sides, bisinuate at the base, grooved down the middle. Elytra elon- gated, sides nearly parallel, slightly margined, the margin tliick- ened at the apex, which is abrupt. Legs very long, the two first pairs somewhat the longest, the femora and tibiae compressed. Tarsi very wide, dilated, flat, all the joints wider than long; basal joint shortly cordate, second joint transverse, slightly cordate, third joint smallest, slightly cordate. The tarsi of first pair of legs the largest (fig. 4), those of the third pair not half so wide; the sides of the feet covered with short, uniform, dense hairs, arranged in transverse lines.

Languria (Doubledaya) Viator (Fig. 1,2).

This insect is a native of Madras, in the East Indies; the spe- cimen described is unique, in the collection of the East India

of Douhledaya Viator. 3

Company, and was kindly lent me by Dr. Horsfield. The head and thorax are highly polished and ferruginous, the elytra are of a pale ochreous red, and have from eight to nine thickly punc- tured, longitudinal, parallel striae, some of them joined near the apex. The antenna and legs are blackish and smooth, the tibiae being furnished with some silky hairs at the apex ; the soles are of a lively yellow. The under side of the body is ferruginous. The figure is carefully drawn on wood by Mr. William Wing, and engraved by Miss E. Bridges. Fig. 2 represents the profile of the insect of the natural size.

This singular insect is named after the late Mr. Edward Doubleday, Secretary of this Society, whose collections of insects in North America were about equally rich in all departments ; for his mind was not content with running in one channel, however wide. Although at the British Museum he limited himself chiefly to the arrangement of Lepidoptera, his knowledge of other de- partments of Natural History was far from restricted, and the general collection of Languriaclce contains at least one species* collected during his travels in North America. This is not the place to eulogize one, whose monument will be " The Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera." The memory of his many virtues and ever ready assistance with heart, head and hand, cannot ever be for- gotten by those who saw and experienced them. Capt. Smyth, late President of the Royal Geographical Society, at the annual address to that Society, alluded in a pleasing way to Mr. Doubleday's general geographical information. In matters connected with the United States he took a special interest. Mr. Bennett's account of our late secretary, read at the anniversary meeting of the Lin- nean Society, gives a very good account of his labours. The portrait of him, publislied by the Ipswich Society, and lithographed by Mr. Maguire from a Daguerrotype by his friend Mr. Bower- bank, will recall his intelligent and manly expression to his friends, while the profile medallion by Mr. Bernhard Smith, of Foley Place, is "likeness itself" Mr. Ford made an able litho- graph from this medallion.

It may be objected, that it is contrary to the Linnean canon to name genera of insects after entomologists; but there can surely be no more reason for calling a showy or singular plant after a botanist, than a curious or fine insect after one who loved to study them. It would be well, however, if zoologists and bota- ists would follow Mr. Westwood's plan in naming Erichsonia, and not use the privilege till the naturalist was dead.

* L. bicolor (Fabr.) Say. Amer. Ent. t. 39, lower fig. (Ohio.) b2

Mr. F. Smith on the

IT. Note on the Pediculus Melittre of Kirhy.